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About Canadian Paramedicine

Canadian Paramedicine, formerly Canadian Emergency News, is a progressive, educational magazine for professional emergency medical responders. Canadian Paramedicine's primary editorial focus is the news and issues related to Canada’s Emergency Medical Services professions. Related secondary editorial topics include disaster preparedness and response, rescue and allied health care issues. The magazine has been recognized by the Paramedic Association of Canada as their official Canadian EMS magazine.

What we do

The magazine strives to provide emergency medical and other emergency service responders with the most up-to-date and vital information available. Easy to read, informative and helpful, Canadian Paramedicine features writers who know their subject and their audience—professional responders who have a talent for conveying information and stories to the readers in a pleasing and professional manner.

Who reads us

Canadian Paramedicine reaches more than 90 per cent of all ambulance services, as well as various other emergency response organizations, in the Canadian cities, towns and communities with a population base greater than 1,000.

Our readers come first

Canadian Paramedicine is the only magazine in Canada dedicated to communication and excellence in the paramedicine field. We keep our readers up-to-date with reports on news from both rural and urban settings. We also provide information on training techniques, new products and equipment, changes in roles, standards and legislation, as well as timely and entertaining feature articles. Canadian Paramedicine contains information relevant to all emergency responders; paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, first responders, disaster response managers...


With six regular issues per year, plus a special Buyer’s Guide edition, Canadian Paramedicine reaches Canadian paramedics across Canada with relevant news and information. Through special Group Subscription Agreements, Canadian Paramedicine is proud to include the members of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba, the Ontario Paramedic Association, the Paramedic Association of Canada, the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick, the EMS Chiefs of Canada, the Society for Prehospital Educators in Canada and the Occupational First Aid Attendants Association of British Columbia among its readership, and we are the host of the newsletter for each of these progressive associations.

Proudly Serving Canada’s EMS for over 34 years.